Open Position

Reach your full potential with us.

For those who like the challenge of working in various countries around the world with leadership and long-life career aspirations, it is time to join CuboXmodular. Job positions are available to new graduates and those with work experience meeting the current requirements.


Our design teams are the core of the company’s technology

Responsible for the development of the company’s new products, as well as the upgrade of existing product, scheme design, construction drawing design, budget and other related technical work. They have successively launched the new flat packed house earthquake proved and hurricane wind force call by series E and H, fast-installed houses on-site.

CuboXmodular has the strong strategic layout ability

Design and fabricate smart modular homes, and provides you with a one-stop complete design project plan.
Our professional design team will follow up and answer questions throughout the whole process and uses professional strength to create the home in your heart.

CuboXmodular sustainable modular housing is your best choice to create your dream home.