Assembly Service

Modular construction allows you to quickly assembly a safe and cozy home ready to move in.

It is a economical method of in-factory fabrication and assembly on-site in record time, allowing for earlier preparation of elements in the production hall and final assembly on your plot.


There are practically no restrictions in modular construction when it comes to size and design

Our modulars can be freely customized on esthetic’s any room sized, with multiple floors, and diverse material finishing’s creating beautiful look’s and comfort of the house.

The entire house design is done in our main architecture and engineering office’s, and fabricated in our production facilities, and its assembly on the plot takes only from a few days to a month, depending on design and size.

It is possible to order a modular home or commercial from our catalogs, as well as fully furnished and ready to move in in time record. Our modular’s is equipped with the necessary primary installations, to connect onsite sewage, rainwater drainage, electricity, ventilation, and other system’s as per client’s request, from solar energy to hydro to water recycle station.

Our modular homes only takes a few months pass from ordering to moving home.

On-Site Preparations

  • Our architect’s, engineering and interior design teams will provide full design and set of 3D rendering’s, 3D video’s, technical CaD drawings and specification book’s for the full house or commercial, land plot and geographic location assessment, ground foundations assessment and design, wind and weight loads studies, mechanicals or renewable’s for the building, a complete package for each building.
  • Preparations need to be done on-site, such as the main infrastructure of the plot, roads, water, gas, electric, communications, sewage and foundations. We can design and assist the Client to option for of-the-grid infrastructure with new technologies and implementation.
  • Our modular homes have 4 types of foundations, concrete slab, pylon or brick foundation with concrete slab, pylon or pier foundations with our metal floor structures and earthquake foundations
  • In our modular home, the beam’s, column’s, panel’s and roof are light weight modular structures, each piece can be assemble by two to four labor with a small sized forklift, easy to assembly by our unique interlock systems.
  • We provide step-by-step and 3D video instructions guide line, and we provide on-site engineer’s to supervise the assembly, for construction companies we provide training for assembly.